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Tips & Tricks: Choosing the Right Rug for You!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I am an interior designer in Dallas-Fort Worth who loves to suggest design tips for my clients. Not only is Smooth Moves by Design a turnkey moving company in the DFW metroplex, but we pay close attention to the size, style, and layout of your home so that we can help you buy the perfect furnishings and accessories once the move is complete.

Today I’d like to talk rugs.

Rugs are more complicated than people think. Not only is there color and pattern to consider, but also the style, period, size, and fringe. Rugs that are too small look out of place, and rugs that are too big can make your room look small. It can be easy to settle for seconds, so don’t go it alone!

Let’s start with the material.

I only use cotton and wool rugs. There are many stylish new rugs out today that have a sheen due to their artificial materials. However, some of these materials wear out and are particularly susceptible to certain kinds of spills.. Spill a drop of red wine, and not only will it stain, but it can disintegrate the fibers. Oil-based spills are even more problematic, and can discolor the rug. Spills are inevitable, particularly for those with children, so be conscious of what your rug is made of!

Cotton can be cleaned easily, but wool is my favorite. It will last forever and it can be cleaned easily. Although wool rugs are more expensive, they are high quality, will last a long time, and cleaning is really easy from a reputable carpet cleaner.

Rug size is important. The area of a rug can easily be thought of as demarcating each section of a room in your home. Your rug should be at least one foot (12 inches) away from the wall, and all of your large furniture pieces should be snuggly placed near-ish the edges to look well-placed and cohesive. Personally, I like to have rugs at least two feet larger than where the furnishings of the room lie.

When sourcing an area rug, correctly choosing a color is essential. I always try to pick a rug that matches other colors and hues within the room, including the color of the walls and furniture. However I also try to allow the rug to have a 3rd and 4th color so that it complements the room but also stands out in its own way. Being too matchy doesn’t allow for your own style to come through.

Oriental rugs are beautiful and can be handmade or machine-made to simulate an authentic feel. True handmade oriental rugs can take months or years to make, and are often imported from artisans in foreign countries. A real benefit… they can last forever! A telltale sign that a rug is authentic and high-quality to the naked eye is the knotting on the back. If you turn the rug over and take a look at the knots per inch, knots that are very close together can indicate it’s a handmade rug. That’s why it’ll have a higher price tag!

Area rugs can be any style or pattern, and can offer a good way to tie in complementary or distinct furniture items. Remember, no real home as a truly cohesive furniture style. As life goes on, you may acquire different sofas, chairs, and tables with different styles. However, a good area can tie these elements together if the color, style, and material are chosen correctly.

Ask me how I can source a great rug for you! I can help you save money by finding a rug at a discount at a major retailer, or by finding someone in my network who can find the right rug for you at a lower price!

Designers know how to do it!

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