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We can FIX that for you! We love clutter.

Elder Moves & Organization

Let us help your elders with care and empathy making sure their move is as stress free as possible.

Pre Sale Organization (your realtor will approve)

It is stressful to sell a home- but to get the highest price- your realtor will suggest that you make your home look its Sunday best!

We will:

  • Organize all closets to perfection

  • Declutter and donate all unneeded or unwanted items

  • Decorate the bookcases

  • Hang art in the best locations

  • Declutter garages and attics 

  • Organize your home office with new items to declutter and better function

  • We buy organization items for drawers and pantry or any other spaces that need order. Just ASK!

  • Lifestyle Organization in all rooms of the  house:  office, garage, pantry, closets, kids rooms, bathrooms, refrigerator

  • Do you need TV's mounted with wires buried in walls?

  • We have audio-visual companies for high end automated homes.

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