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Our full service luxury moving company is a

new innovative trend combining household moves and interior design, all for one price.  

Smooth Moves by Design is a professional high-end moving service knowing exactly how to create a beautiful new home and design inspired spaces for you.  Our fabulous design team meets the movers at your front door, supervises all the packing, manages all cable and security installs, and allows you to come back to your new and decorated abode with ease.  From every re-folded and straightened drawer, to curated closets, beds being fluffed, art placed, fresh flowers and candles lit, you walk in to a home more stunning than you envisioned.  

Smooth Moves by Design has a creative team that orchestrates your entire move from initial planning to final placement of the furnishings, art and accessories, all with an

interior designer's eye. 


Travel, sip martinis and come back to your new beautiful home or supervise your own packing and then travel...the option is yours!



With our team of interior designers completing every detail, your home will be guaranteed to have that magazine quality look when the move is completed. Let us make it stress free for you and never see a box! 


Marilyn & Bob J.

Houston, TX

"When we walked into our home, our eyes filled up with tears, it was so gorgeous and it smelled of flowers and candles. I will never forget the feeling I had after a rough work week and walking into our new home with the music playing throughout. Every detail was special and oh so beautiful ... but seeing my closets that were absolutely impeccable blew me away.  I hope I can keep them looking at least decent."  Best fun I've had in a long time"​. Love this  service !! 

Erin M.

Dallas, TX

"Debra and her team were amazing to work with. Everyone was incredibly kind and hard-working.

Let me start out by saying that they left our home with not a single scratch or nick on it. They got everything done that they promised, and a LOT MORE! Their work exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to have most of the boxes from our move gone and most of our things put in a logical place. Instead, we see no boxes the day they finished, and everything looks as though it was expertly placed by an interior designer - because it was!

Imagine going through a hectic move, and then Debra comes in and unpacks you in a short amount of time, organizes and sorts all of your things by size and color, and even designs your common spaces and bathrooms in ways that beautify the room like you never could. 2 days after the moving truck arrived, we felt as if we'd been living in our new place for months. Everything felt completely put away and settled. That's what you get when you bring in Debra to help you move in. 

We moved from a 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom and had to downsize. With every item I decided to purge, Debra whisked it away and said she'd take care of it. She moved things to our storage room when we weren't sure, and she even went above and beyond in helping us find a temporary window cover solution and so much more! 

I will definitely hire Debra and her team again. Now I can see why people pay to fly her all over the country to help them move. She is a magician, a wizard, and an angel! 

On top of it all, she is fun, kind, caring, energetic, positive, and encouraging. All of the things I needed to help me get through this stressful time. Debra's positive encouragement and kind, loving approach were worth their weight in gold"​.


Dr. Stephen H.

Desert Mountain, AZ

" This was the best and most complete moving service we have ever seen. Debra and her team were amazing and shocked me, but not my wife, with how fantastic our home looked, and ​I had nothing to do with it.   lol" "We have moved 3x and each time we have used Debra and her unbelievable crew."  

The Keene Family

Dallas, TX

"My home was beautifully and artfully designed with all our art tastefully hung, and details finalized in every room throughout the house for us. Both my husband and myself were more than pleased with Debra and their professionalism. " 

Kimberly G.

Houston, TX

"Seamless transition to our new home and OMG, NO STRESS! Debra and her team get it all done so you don't have to lift a finger. Will definitely be a repeat customer and take a nice little vacay next time."


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