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How it Works
We provide a free consultation and you and I will decide all details for your move. Then packing is completed and the move to the new residence is handled by our highly efficient movers. We have fine art movers and anything that needs crating or special attention for heirlooms will be addressed at this time. We completely unpack all your furnishings and remove boxes and packing supplies. 
Then our organizing and design teams start their magic. The design team accessorizes all spaces and hangs art throughout the home to perfection. The audio-video is completed and the organizers at the same time are curating your closets and drawers to look like Neiman's color-coded in every way.

Then fresh flowers arrive. We lite the candles and the music is playing.

You never saw one box and your home is completed stress-free for you!

Total organization like ours will make your home beautifully put together and detailed in each space. 

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